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Who we are?

Newell Corporation, Expert Machining & Manufacturing since 1982

Newell Corp. was founded in 1982 by Jeff Newell. Since that time, the company has expanded into three facilities combining for over 45,000 sq-ft of space dedicated to quality engineering, design, fabrication and machining services. Newell Corp. has over 75 employees on staff including expert project managers, clever engineers, inspection specialists, master fabricators and the highest skilled machinists in the industry. Newell Corp. has a strong reputation and proven track record of providing best fabricated and machined parts for the aerospace, space, defense, oil & gas, construction, mining and marine industries.

Newell Corp. prides itself on a practical approach to design, engineering, fabrication, machining and inspection through its breadth of knowledge gained through years of experience working across a wide range of industries. Whether the project requires manufacturing brute force or mechanical finesse, Newell Corp. is the best choice in the industry to get the job done right.

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Our Certifications

As part of Newell Corp.’s continued commitment to quality fabricated and machined products, the company is AS9100D certified. The company also holds the steel welding certification (AWS D1.1), the aluminum welding certification (AWS D1.2), and the stainless-steel certification (AWS D1.6).

Our Philosophy

Newell Corp. is a business built on honesty, technical know-how, practicality and continuous improvement. Newell Corp. is committed to fully understanding customer requirements, customer communication and improving our products through acquiring the best equipment and training its personnel.

Our Suppliers

Newell Corp. values its supply chain and relies on its performance to meet the customer's rigorous demands. Newell Corp. suppliers are treated as part of the team and frequently communicated with as outsourced projects progress. Please see the following link for supplier PO terms and conditions. SQAR 840

Our Facilities

Building 1 (Heavy Machining & Fabrication)

  • 16,500 sq. ft.
  • (3) 20 Ton Cranes
  • (1) 15 Ton Crane
  • (1) 5 Ton Crane

Building 2 (Heavy Machining, Assembly, Inspection)

  • 19,500 sq. ft.
  • (3) 20 Ton Cranes
  • (4) 20 Ton Cranes

Building 3 (Medium Machining, Assembly, Inspection)

  • 11,000 s sq. ft
  • (1) 10 Ton Crane
  • (1) 6 Ton Crane
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